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                                            Fast reports                         Affordable fees                         Unbiased value opinions 

Disputes are becoming more frequent as the real estate market fluctuates. Different values of homes, styles and neighborhoods vary widely in appreciation or decline of values, and how they are assessed by the County.

In far too many cases, the Assessor’s estimate of value is arbitrary at best. Their appraiser’s do not research the subject or the market area to the extent that fee appraiser’s are mandated to do so by the State.  As a result, the data used by the Assessor’s office is dated, incomplete or plain wrong.

Their limited number of employees can not possibly spend the quality amount of time to make a true “fair market value” assessment of your home due to the sheer volume of homes within their jurisdiction.

Spectrum can provide an appraisal your home’s current estimated value with a much more detailed report. That appraisal can be taken to proper authority to challenge the Assessed value, if you feel that it is not accurate. 

Additionally, Spectrum is available to participate in that process with you, to defend our estimate of value, appraiser to appraiser, with that Agency.

Spectrum Appraisal offers many services for the Attorney, Accountant, Financial Planner and for homeowner’s or home buyers. 

We stand behind our opinions of value 

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