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How to Get a Fair Divorce Appraisal in Olympia, WA 

In Olympia, WA, a real estate appraisal is often done during a divorce. This is done to ensure that each party gets a fair deal from the division of property or real estate. It is not a must for the property to be sold so that the division can be made accurately. With the help of a professional appraiser it is possible to come up with a correct valuation on the property to determine how the property is to be divided. Although a divorce can be a painful process, it is best to have a valuation on the property to avoid any further unresolved issues among the parties.

In cases where it is not easy to provide a concise valuation on the property, the parties seeking the divorce have to hire an estate appraiser. This is usually a costly affair but makes it easy to divide property accordingly. There are two main issues that divorcing couples get by using professional help. First, it becomes really easy to figure out what equity the parties have together. This can be obtained without having to sell the property. By evaluating the permanent fixtures of the property and the true value of it and removing any conflicting features they will provide an accurate estimate of the properties' worth.

The second issue the appraiser will have to determine is the property obtained within the marriage and the non-marital equity. During a divorce, property that was obtained through non-marital means cannot be divided between the parties. In most case, non-marital properties include those that are obtained before marriage, properties excluded through prenuptial, inheritance and gifts.

Once this distinction of property has been ensured, it is still possible to use the help of an Olympia divorce appraisal service to get a speedy resolution to the legal process. The best step will be to determine how the property is to be divided. There are different methods often used in this process. Here, the parties can decide to use the ownership by one policy or sale and division of proceeds method. The best method to use will be determined by what the parties require or have agreed on.

For the ownership by one method, the real estate is awarded to one party. The remaining party is then compensated for the share of the equity that was to be divided. This kind of compensation can be done by the individual being awarded another property, through refinancing of the mortgage or by being paid off over a certain period of time. With the sale and division of the proceeds process it is where the property is sold, and the money obtained divided between the parties. The sale can be done immediately before the divorce proceedings end or at a future date.

One advantage of using a professional appraiser is the fact that the whole process can be done discretely. Every effort will be taken to ensure the entire process is done confidentially. It is the ideal way to have a speedy divorce proceeding. It is good to choose an appraisal firm that has a legal background and experience dealing with divorce appraisals.


Spectrum Real Estate Services offers professional divorce appraisal services in Olympia, WA. We also serve the communities of Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Puyallup, and Tacoma Wa.

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