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There many facets of Real Estate that the majority of people know something about. The important thing is the degree to which they know of these facets.

The subtleties of Real Estate can and very often do make the difference between a successful, profitable experience, and one that is not.

Because there are so many facets, and variables of each facet, non-real estate professionals may find themselves trying to solve problems that they do not have the answer for, or do not know the existence of alternate answers. They just haven’t been trained to know that.

Spectrum Real Estate Services is just that. 

We provide all kinds of services for people involved in some form of real estate, whether a buying or selling transaction, legal purposes or other activity.

Spectrum can pre-appraise a home prior to listing, and make recommendations for any needed repairs or updating that would increase the sales value of your home. This includes landscaping, clutter, or other items that would give the home the best “curb appeal” and best presentation of the salient features of the home.

With people looking for homes to buy, Spectrum can provide their clients with most information regarding a home, or homes of interest. When the buyer/client finds a home they wish to make an offer on, we will perform a pre-appraisal on that home, looking at the homes history of sale, sales of similar properties in the market area, competing listings and overall neighborhood and market data.

You will be advised on neighborhood trends, quality versus quantity, whether the area is appreciating or declining and whether that home fulfills your needs in a price range that is acceptable.

If you are remodeling your home, Spectrum can look at your estimated costs of the remodel and advise you if you are over-improving for the neighborhood, and what the estimated value of the home is before remodeling and after the improvement.

For those who intend to build on speculation, we can look at an area and provide statistical data on the average sales price of homes in the area, the average market exposure times, style of homes that sell for the highest value and the features of homes in the area that buyers are looking for.

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