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Posted by orders on November 8, 2013 at 9:05 AM

What do you know about the appraisal Olympia and appraiser Auburn?

Appraiser Auburn: What means appraiser for selection of projects and what means methods and evaluation techniques? The appraisal is a complex system that contains all of the research, data, reasoning, analysis and conclusions to reach the estimated value. The evaluation process is a complex and systematic procedure followed by the evaluator to provide customer response on value. So, if you have a house in Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma or University Place, and you want to sell it but you are not really sure about its value ask an appraiser to evaluate it.

The main purpose of the evaluation process is the presentation of unbiased opinion on a value, by which the appraiser demonstrates that took into account all the factors that substantially affect its value. The International Evaluation Standards define the stages and assessment activities that must be taken in evaluating a property, and they are:

1. Identification of the property involved in the appraisal;

2. Identifying the property rights that are evaluated;

3. Intended use of the evaluation;

4. The definition of the type of value sought;

5. Evaluation date (when is valid the estimated value) and the date of the assessment report;

6. The acquisition and analysis of data and of relevant information;

7. Centralizing and analysing data and information;

8. Applying the appropriate methods, techniques, approaches or assessment procedures;

9. Drawing conclusions on the value;

10. Assessment report;

11. The intended use of the evaluation and any limitations or deviations in this regard, establishing compliance with the standards and information sources;

12. An identification of any possible assumptions and limiting conditions upon which the assessment was based.

Currently, for real estate there are three different approaches:

1. Sales comparison approach (recommended when possible, there is a specific market);

2. Income capitalization approach;

3. Cost approach.


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