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Home Appraiser | Olympia | Puyallup | Tacoma | University Place

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How does a home appraiser in Olympia evaluate your house?

A home appraiser in Olympia is the person or entity with significant experience in real estate, real estate assessment expertise, who knows, understands and can implement correctly, recognized techniques and methods that are necessary to make a credible assessment in accordance with International Valuation Standards, and is a member of a national professional valuation association recognized as being of public utility, with the quality of independent home appraiser. If you are looking for one you can find it even in Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma or University Place. Home appraisers make assessment reports for all types of real estates: lands, civil and industrial buildings, special buildings. The specialization of home appraiser is obtained after following some courses and having the exam of "expert appraiser - real estate valuation."

Many people are afraid to mortgage their home when taking a loan because they think that many banks will try to "pull the price down." So we thought it would be helpful for you to know more about the methods used by appraisers to determine the price of real estate. First, any appraiser will look at the site of the building, district, and not least the year of construction. In case of the houses they will take into account the material it is made of (brick, adobe, etc. ...) what you should know from the beginning is that evaluators work strictly on a schedule received from the bank and by fulfilling certain criteria of the property assessed.

The home appraiser is not interested if the walls are freshly painted or you have nice curtains, but how solid is the immobile. It is important if the plumbing or heating are new - it will add value to the house. It is very important that there are no obvious signs of dampness or other advanced degradation. Also, if you have made changes to the draft apartment, it is vital to have authorization for them.


Appraiser | Auburn | Federal Way | Lakewood | Olympia | Puyallup

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What do you know about the appraisal Olympia and appraiser Auburn?

Appraiser Auburn: What means appraiser for selection of projects and what means methods and evaluation techniques? The appraisal is a complex system that contains all of the research, data, reasoning, analysis and conclusions to reach the estimated value. The evaluation process is a complex and systematic procedure followed by the evaluator to provide customer response on value. So, if you have a house in Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma or University Place, and you want to sell it but you are not really sure about its value ask an appraiser to evaluate it.

The main purpose of the evaluation process is the presentation of unbiased opinion on a value, by which the appraiser demonstrates that took into account all the factors that substantially affect its value. The International Evaluation Standards define the stages and assessment activities that must be taken in evaluating a property, and they are:

1. Identification of the property involved in the appraisal;

2. Identifying the property rights that are evaluated;

3. Intended use of the evaluation;

4. The definition of the type of value sought;

5. Evaluation date (when is valid the estimated value) and the date of the assessment report;

6. The acquisition and analysis of data and of relevant information;

7. Centralizing and analysing data and information;

8. Applying the appropriate methods, techniques, approaches or assessment procedures;

9. Drawing conclusions on the value;

10. Assessment report;

11. The intended use of the evaluation and any limitations or deviations in this regard, establishing compliance with the standards and information sources;

12. An identification of any possible assumptions and limiting conditions upon which the assessment was based.

Currently, for real estate there are three different approaches:

1. Sales comparison approach (recommended when possible, there is a specific market);

2. Income capitalization approach;

3. Cost approach.


Real Estate Appraiser | Olympia | Puyallup | University Place

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Real Estate Appraiser Olympia: Important Things Women Should Know When Divorcing

Real Estate Appraiser Olympia: Are you going through a divorce? If your answer is “Yes”, then you are more than likely going to need property appraisal services…

A divorce is not a pleasant event to go through; it is stressful, painful and lengthy. Because it takes a lot of time to separate from your spouse you may sometimes make mistakes that you will later on regret.

Here are four important things you should know if you are a woman who is going through a divorce:

1. Every Real Estate Appraiser from Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, and University Place is based on comparable sales. The process of Real Estate Appraiser goes like this: the appraiser notes down the unique features of every property and then compares the property with other houses which sold recently in the same area. These houses are comparable to yours.

2. Use an appraiser who is knowledgeable in the local market. As mentioned in point 1, the appraiser will have to evaluate your property’s value by taking into consideration the price range of other similar properties which sold in your area. It goes without saying that experience in the local market is crucial at this point.

3. Real estate value changes overtime, and so does Real Estate Appraiser. Just because you bought a house with a quarter million 20 years ago doesn’t mean that the property still has the same value. In time, and depending on the improvements you made, a house can cost more or less than its initial price.

4. You will not get all the equity money in your pocket. In order to find out your true equity in the property you will have to first subtract the mortgage price from the property’s fair market value.


Divorce Appraisal | Auburn | Olympia | Puyallup | Tacoma | Lakewood

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Divorce Appraisal Auburn: Why You and Your Spouse Still Need To Get Along During Divorce

Divorce Appraisal Auburn: Nowadays more and more couples choose to separate their destinies after a few years of marriage. The sad thing is that most of these couples don’t maintain a friendly relationship after the divorce process is completed.

What is more, sometimes the divorce itself makes things worse: sharing the common goods between husband and wife is probably the supreme test which will tell whether or not the couple will keep in touch once separated.

However, there is still one more test they have to pass as a family before they say “Adieu!” to each other: finding a reasonable divorce appraisal. The divorce process is painful in itself, and sometimes during the marriage dissolution people may find themselves in need of divorce appraisal Olympia.

What you need to understand is that the appraisal is nothing like the lending appraisal you may be familiar with. On the contrary, there are some important differences between the two. For example, a divorce appraisal Puyallup is not related to financing or lending; it has both a retrospective date of value and a current date of value. Some appraisers will be asked by the judge or by the lawyers to testify in court as expert witnesses. The appraisal is written in narrative format and is completed on GPAR forms.

As you can see, while the two types of appraisals may have some common points, they are different in essence.

So if you are from Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, University Place, in order to get a divorce appraisal at a reasonable price you and your wife/husband will have to reach an agreement in what regards the appraiser. Everybody knows that both of you want to save as much money as you can, but still… don’t go cheap.


Appraisals | Auburn | Federal Way | Lakewood | Olympia | Tacoma

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Appraisals Auburn: How to Avoid Low Home Appraisals 

Appraisals Auburn: When you want to sell a property, the last thing you want to get is a low appraisal Federal Way. But with the market being down at the moment, all you can do is pray for a good price.


Your efforts for getting a good price for your home do not stop at prayers. If you want to sell a property in Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, or University Place here are a few tricks which will help you avoid under-scoring.

Get more than one appraisal Lakewood

Even if the bank does not allow you to choose your appraiser, have one come to your house and give you an estimate price. It will cost you extra money, but you will have 2 prices to compare. Moreover, you can tell your lender to find an appraiser who comes from your county, or your region.

Bonus: Did you know that a great number of appraisers are just pulling up data out of the Multiple Listing Service without checking it out? Meet the appraiser when they are checking your property and talk with them about the recent short sales and foreclosures that might skew the comps.

Be objective – would you buy it?

Is it something YOU would buy if you were looking for a house? How much would YOU pay for it? Try to be objective – we all love our homes, but we need to keep a distant attitude when we try to look for faults in our properties.

Invest in it

You may be thinking that, since you are moving anyway, you shouldn’t invest too much in your home, right? Wrong. You can renovate a bit here and a bit there just to make it look better, modern. We’re not talking about thousands of dollars here, but a small investment that has the power to add some value to your house.

Appraiser | Home Appraisal | Olympia | Auburn | Puyallup

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Appraiser Olympia: Secret Ways To Improve Your Home Appraisal Olympia

Appraiser Olympia: Many people are angry at their appraiser Auburn and claim that they have under-valued their property. This article aims at helping you put your home’s most powerful assets right in front of your appraiser’s eyes. Pay attention though, this article will not show you how to help the appraiser Puyallup do a good job, because they already know what their job is.

1. Renovate upstairs, not downstairs

It seems that the home appraisal Auburn will put greater value on your house if it has a bedroom in the attic than if it has a home cinema room in the basement. So if you are thinking about renovating your home and upgrading its value, then do it above the ground. The basement, while important, is not THAT relevant when it comes to price.

2. Clean up your backyard

If your backyard is not cleaned up by the time the appraiser gets to you, then don’t be surprised if you get a lower price on your property. It simply means you didn’t realize the potential your garden has. Do not make this mistake: clean up your garden – you can even plant some flowers here and there. You will be surprised at how much value a nice-looking garden adds to your house.

3. Paint your house in a neutral color

Neutral looks good on items for sale, whether these are houses or cars. So if you can, paint your house’s walls neutral. White doesn’t always look good; rather, go for a beige (it is warm and welcoming).

So whether you are in the home appraisal Puyallup industry from Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, or University Place or if you are looking to sell a property in this area, here are 3 “secrets” to make your house sellable.


Getting Your Dream Home With a Home Appraiser?

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It is good to have your house appraised by an estate appraiser if you are certain that they know what they are doing. But how can you be sure that the home appraiser you contacted is an expert of their field?

Here are some questions you should have answered before signing a contract with a home appraiser:  

What do estate appraisers do?

Just like with any other appraisal process, the specialist will look for pluses and minuses in a property. They first measure the size of the property, then create a sketch of it and determine the overall quality of a house or property. Then they make a list of all the amenities and check for noticeable problems.

These problems can include:


  • Evidence of problems concerning the roof 
  • The quality of the foundation walls 
  • The water pressure 
  • And so on 


They also create a list of all the improvements that have been made to the property. All these things help him correctly evaluate the price of a property.

What’s their profile?

A professional home appraiser will have enough experience to back his statements. They also need some qualifications (for example, they need to have a license or be certified by the state to perform these duties).

Whether or not you are in doubt about your home appraiser, do not hesitate to ask for a copy of their license. Even more, you stand great chances of getting better service if you hire an estate appraiser who lives close to the property, in Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, or University Place – they know the area and are familiar with the buildings and the surrounding areas.

What do they charge?

After all, you need to know their price. A great home appraiser will work for more money, but it is money well spent if you get a correct estimate of your property's value.

How Can You Know If You Got a Correct Divorce Appraisal?

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Divorce is painful enough on its own. But finding out that yours did not end as you thought it did is even more painful. How can you be sure you got the correct divorce appraisal? How do you find a professional appraiser who you can trust?

Read on to find out what you need to do for an honest property evaluation in Auburn, Federal Way, Lakewood, Olympia, Puyallup, Tacoma, and University Place. But first of all, you may be wondering:

Why do I need an appraisal during the divorce?

When you and your husband/wife separate, your goods will be divided in two as well. This includes any real estate properties too, so you may want to know what your fair share of the real estate is.

How to find a professional appraiser

You don’t want to play with these things; if the appraisal is incorrect, you risk losing money which is rightfully yours. But here comes the good news: during a divorce you need to hire an attorney. Attorneys are usually in direct contact with reputable appraisal companies and they can guide you towards an unbiased professional.

However, if you want to do some work on your own, you can search for an appraiser yourself. Don’t walk in the dark. Here are some things you need to know if you want to get a fair divorce appraisal:


  • An appraiser must be certified by the Certified Appraisers Guild of America 
  • They must have passed the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) test 
  • Ask their former clients for feedback 
  • Refuse to work with the appraiser if they ask for a commission of your property’s value 
  • Look for someone who is willing to testify in court  
  • Sign a contract, but not before asking for an estimate of the cost 

If your appraiser meets all the criteria mentioned above, you can hire them for your divorce appraisal. They are professionals who know their jobs and you will get a fair estimate of your property’s value.



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